Veerle Dekempeneer

Veerle Dekempeneer

Veerle Dekempeneer has a Master's degree in Geography and taught for about 30 years in ASO and TSO schools in subjects ranging from geography to ecology and human relations.

The need to go deeper into working with people resulted in a training in Gestalt therapy, which fitted in particularly well with the way in which a geographer looks at life in all its facets: after all, it is the interaction - in all its forms - between the elements that determines the growth and evolution of each individual or element.

By working for two years in a mental health centre, working with clients was given a solid foundation, followed by additional training in working with couples and families.

She also gave group training in assertiveness for 10 years based on the Gestalt vision to young people between 16 and 21 years old.

Now she is working in a private practice as NVAGT accredited Gestalt therapist with experience in individual therapy, relationship therapy and working with young people.